Thursday, October 6, 2011

[Lot 1: Minima Moderna]

~~~Minima Moderna~~~

Today I created a simple modern home.  I'm not much of a landscaper so the outside isn't that beautiful but I am very excited about the interior.  The first floor features a laundry room, a nice-sized living room, a spacious dining room connected to a full kitchen, a half bathroom, and a sitting nook near the dining area.  The second floor features a small office, an unfurnished bedroom, a full bathroom, and a furnished bedroom.  

This home requires the Ambitions expansion pack for the washer and dryer and the Generations expansion pack for a spiral staircase.  No CC or Store content was used in the creation of this lot.

The prices are:  FURNISHED : 44, 595
                   UNFURNISHED : 27,430

Here are some pictures of the interior!

___---Dining Area---___

___---Living Room---___

___---Entry Area---___

___---Sitting Area---___


___---Upstairs Landing Area---___


___---Empty Bedroom---___

___---Upstairs Bathroom---___


___---Laundry Room---___


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