Thursday, October 6, 2011

[Lot 1: Minima Moderna]

~~~Minima Moderna~~~

Today I created a simple modern home.  I'm not much of a landscaper so the outside isn't that beautiful but I am very excited about the interior.  The first floor features a laundry room, a nice-sized living room, a spacious dining room connected to a full kitchen, a half bathroom, and a sitting nook near the dining area.  The second floor features a small office, an unfurnished bedroom, a full bathroom, and a furnished bedroom.  

This home requires the Ambitions expansion pack for the washer and dryer and the Generations expansion pack for a spiral staircase.  No CC or Store content was used in the creation of this lot.

The prices are:  FURNISHED : 44, 595
                   UNFURNISHED : 27,430

Here are some pictures of the interior!

___---Dining Area---___

___---Living Room---___

___---Entry Area---___

___---Sitting Area---___


___---Upstairs Landing Area---___


___---Empty Bedroom---___

___---Upstairs Bathroom---___


___---Laundry Room---___


[Captain Teemo, on Duty!]

~~~Captain Teemo~~~

I was looking through Teemo's skins last night and saw the new Super Teemo splash art.  I am freaking out because it is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

Anyway, since I was so pumped for the skin, I decided to play a few games with him.  He has become my favorite champion again.  His poison is pretty ridiculously OP early laning phase.  I loved him so much I even purchased a new rune page specifically for him.  I have been thinking about submitting a playing guide  on Mobafire or Leaguecraft that highlights how I play this amazing champion (AP for lolsy shrooms.)

Keep reading my blog for updates on when this guide will be coming out, if I take the time to create one.


Hello, I'm Tabitha and this is my Sims 3 blog.  I just created it to showcase some houses that I have created and even let some fellow simmers download these houses.  I also create pose packs and Sims, but those are few and far between.  My real passion is creating beautiful lots for these beloved pixelated personalities to live their happy lives in!
All lots that I will upload will be completely CC and store content free, although I do use CC and will occassionally showcase homes that I have created using CC.  I will give credit to the creators of the CC and a link to the download (if it's still up.)
I will try to credit EVERYONE's work who is featured in the screenshots that I take and if I miss an credit please don't hesitate to comment and tell me.  I will either remove the photo or add a credit (depending on your sharing policies.)
Thank you for reading and happy simming!